EXTRA-Fury Track Bike

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IT Aluminium and Carbon Fury Frame Set

Made to compete in the renowned redhook criterium championship is a frame particularly agile and light.

Frame: Aluminium 6066 for single-gear hubs

Fork: Carbon and aluminum

Boat Fork 1 1/8

Movement Box: English BSA Step

Sold complete with FSA steering series orbits on bearings, rowing seat post and collar



is The word to say Furious and is the ultimate alloy carbon frameset is a single speed frame designed for track & criterium races.It is very fast and light and official frame used by Italian Team at Red Hoock Criterium "I'm not a


Alloy, New York 6061 color black Matt with white stickers


1 1/8 carbon with alloy tube  ALLOY Aero Seat post - Seat Clamp INCLUDED 

Fsa with bearingsINCLUDED  Fit

Bsa Bb Total weight:  The set includes Frame, Fork, Headset, Seatpost, SeatClamp




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